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( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

Model: PT-TD200

Manuafactory: Pharmatest - Germany.

Tapping Density and Apparent Volume Tester

The PT-TD200 instrument measures the tapping or bulk density or apparent volume of powders or granules. Unlike the PT-TD1 this instrument can be used to test in compliance with the monographs of the USP <616, Method 1 and 2> as well as with the EP <2.9.15>. The PT-TD200 automatically detects in which position the cylinder dish is placed and adjusts speed and tapping height automatically. It is equipped with a LCD display and a touch sensitive keyboard for data entry. The PT-TD200 is equipped with a multiple interface board offering a RS232 COM port to connect a PT-DL1 serial printer and a USP/s Port to connect the instrument with a PC for updating ect. The PT-TD200 offers product and method filing, user administration and printer connection for test and qualification report printing

A new Noise Reduction Enclosure is now available covering the PT-TD200. For more information please open the attached "pdf" file.

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