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Pharma Test

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Our Goal: 
within the past 32 years PHARMA TEST has risen to the challenge of responding continually to the requirements of the international pharmaceutical production community, and now offers a comprehensive range of testing and pilot plant equipment which you will find on the following pages.
In order to serve you the best we can we have devided our range and product support into a "Galenical" and "Analytical" Group.
The ANALYTICAL Product group includes all Dissolution Equipment, Automated Solutions and Accessories. The GALENICAL Group includes Disintegration-, Hardness-, Friability-, Powder-, Ampoule Testing Equipment and Accessories.

Our Mission:
PHARMA TEST AG has developed, produced, installed and maintained instruments designed for the Pharmaceutical industry since 1979.

Today, PHARMA TEST supplies and supports a world wide market with hardware and software products which find application in the development, in-process and quality assurance departments for the production of tablets, capsules, suppositories, ampoules and various other solid and semi solid dosage forms.

In our product development, we aim to realise instruments which represent value for money. Our employees are dedicated and forward thinking so that our overall development plan is one of cutting edge innovation.

In order to better serve our international client base, we have developed a world wide distribution and support network. Through the medium of regular training programs for our internal and external representatives, we strive to be in the best position to be of service to our customers, whether they are at home or abroad, in house or at their place of work.

Our overall company policy is one of continuous improvement in quality and efficiency in both products and personnel.

In the modern world, quality, in both products and service, is not only a requirement it is a way of life for us. In order to achieve these quality goals, we have to understand what is required of our products.With this recognition, we are in a position to develop our abilities in order to fulfil the expectations of our customers, so that we may create and maintain a satisfied client base. This is our priority.

Our products in turn, help develop and produce other products, which are ultimately for the benefit of all mankind.

Our Partners:

Automated Lab Systems Limited, WinDiss32 Software Development

J&M AG, Germany-Diode Array UV/VIS Spectrometers

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