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The company was founded at a time that was unfavourable for any new enterprises - in the year 1922 shortly before the worldwide economic crisis. But perhaps it was just such difficult times that decisively shaped the pioneering spirit, determination and solidarity within the company as well as with our customers that have become hallmarks of the company. At any rate the “Glass Works” in Müllheim (Southern Germany) founded by Karl Mayer marks the beginning of the story of Hellma’s worldwide success.

Always Up-To-Date


In the beginning Hellma’s product line consisted of simple optical glass pieces and hollow glass containers, so-called cells, which were used in polarimeters, colorimeters and spectroscopes. In the fifties the significance of photometry as a verification method in analytical measuring technology grew rapidly. As a result the demand for technically more sophisticated and more diversified types of cells - including the cells for extremely small sample amounts used in modern photometric analysis instruments - grew as well.

A New Chapter in Measuring Technology: Fibre-Optic Systems

Besides manufacturing cells a new line of products was added to Hellma’s spectrum of goods and services at the beginning of the nineties. New materials and processing techniques led to the development of fibreoptic systems. Here are some significant advantages of these systems: Measurements can be made during processing thereby making time-consuming sample withdrawals and examinations superfluous. Even poisonous or radioactive substances can be measured with optical probes without risk. Hellma recognized the potential of such systems early on and made them into a strategic new department with its own research, development and manufacture departments.

Maintaining Tradition in Jena

It was an obvious and logical step when, in 1991, Hellma Optik GmbH Jena was formed out of Jenoptik Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH. This is a company that not only represents the tradition of Hellma but also continues and encourages the tradition of Jena, a city with a long history of glass workmanship. By founding this company anew Hellma has managed to enlarge its product line by including flat and cylindrical optics as well as expanding its presence into eastern Germany.

Hellma – Precision in Spectro-Optics. Worldwide

With over 80 years of experience and know-how Hellma has become the leading supplier of precision cells made of glass and quartz worldwide. With a wide selection of more than 1700 products you will be able to find cells and fibre-optical systems for every application and for any measurement and analysis instrument found on the market today.

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