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Particle Measuring Systems

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As the global technology leader in the environmental monitoring industry, Particle Measuring Systems invests in research, engineering, manufacturing, and support of:

  • particle counting and monitoring instrumentation
  • microbial monitors
  • molecular gas analyzers
  • data management and automation software

Particle Measuring Systems also provides our customers value-added services including:

  • risk analysis
  • laboratory testing
  • installation and commissioning
  • project management
  • validation and GMP compliance
  • calibration and maintenance
  • rentals and leases
  • training

Our comprehensive instrumentation suite enables process-driven companies to monitor environmental quality and make fact-based decisions to improve process yield and meet regulatory requirements. Particle Measuring Systems equipment is used in monitoring applications across multiple industries by companies throughout the world. Our customers are concerned about the impact environmental contamination has on their products, processes, and equipment. Our instrumentation portfolio:

  • cleanroom monitoring
  • aerosol research
  • parenteral sampling
  • filter and in-line testing in DI water and process chemicals
  • point-of-use gas analyzers
  • active microbial air samplers
  • compressed gas monitoring


Founded in 1972, Particle Measuring Systems is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, USA, with global offices in China, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and over 35 distributors providing local sales and service in more than 70 countries. Our technology leadership was established with the invention of the first laser-based particle counter and continues today, as demonstrated by our advanced detection technologies. Our leadership position is reaffirmed by regular new product releases to support critical process applications and an eye to the future needs of the industries we serve. We actively participate in industry, trade, and technology groups and offer worldwide programs to support training and education in microcontamination monitoring for industry professionals.

Acquired by Spectris plc in 1996, Particle Measuring Systems is considered the global technology leader in environmental monitoring. Based in the UK and traded on the London Stock Exchange (SXS), Spectris is the parent company of over a dozen individual businesses. All are world leaders in precision measurement and controls. The companies are organized into four segments: Materials Analysis, Test and Measurement, In-Line Instrumentation, and Industrial Controls.

Market Focused

Particle Measuring Systems is a market focused organization, consisting of two strategic divisions concentrating on the unique requirements from both standard and complex customer applications. Each division has a staff of application engineers, product specialists, and sales personnel who have the experience to support customers' unique environmental monitoring and process improvement needs.

Electronics Division
Concentrates on the semiconductor, flat panel display, hard disk drive, aerospace, electronics manufacturing, industrial, general cleanroom, and research industries.
Life Sciences Division
Concentrates on businesses in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, tissue bank, hospital, healthcare, and food and beverage industries. 

Products and Technology

Particle Measuring Systems invests a large percentage of sales each year in Research and Development and advancements in technology, as evidenced by our patent position. Currently we hold over 40 patents and the number continues to grow each year.

Particle Counting
Particle Measuring Systems provides the most comprehensive portfolio of particle counters available for monitoring aerosols, DI water, chemicals, and pressurized gases. Our aerosol particle counters detect from 2 nm (nanometers) to 50 µm (microns) in fixed location, portable, or manifold configurations at flow rates up to 100 LPM. Several models are compliant with the requirements of ISO 21501 and ISO 14644 standards. Our instrumentation provides a strong foundation for any contamination monitoring program. Our liquid particle counters are the most sensitive on the market, providing unsurpassed detection limits down to 40 nm in DI water and process chemicals. Our gas particle counters work at high pressures for both inert and reactive gases with embedded preventative measures to ensure safe operation.
Microbial Monitoring
A critical element to any environmental monitoring program for the Life Sciences Industry includes the collection and determination of microbial contaminants. To meet this requirement we offer a complete range of portable and fixed-point microbial air samplers at flow rates up to 100 LPM. Our samplers utilize slit to agar or impaction technology and are certified according to the ISO 14698 standard. Versions or accessories are available for monitoring of compressed gas in compliance with ISO 8573.
Molecular Gas Analyzers
Particle Measuring Systems gas analyzers can detect in real-time airborne molecular contamination down to part-per-trillion (ppt) levels. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies our gas analyzers detect specific contaminants or groups of compounds that are known to cause damage to critical products even at the molecular level.
Integration analysis and reporting of data is an essential part of any facility monitoring system (FMS). Particle Measuring Systems has developed software that meets the specific needs of the Life Sciences Industry (21 CFR Part 11) and has been validated to meet EU and FDA GMP requirements. Our software also meets the manufacturing demands of 24x7 operations of the Electronics Industry, including the ability to share data with any BMS or SCADA system via our integrated OPC Server. In addition to our FMS software we have developed Batch Sampling software to collect and analyze data from our liquid particle counters and samplers.


Training and Consulting
  • Particle Measuring Systems offers customized training and consulting programs based on customer needs and requirements. Courses are conducted by experienced engineers and specialists and can take place at the customer's facility or at our Boulder, Colorado headquarters where we have a complete training setup and applications laboratory.
  • Particle College - Our semi-annual, two-day series of lectures and hands-on training seminars - offers instruction ranging from the fundamentals of particle counting to cleanroom certification.
  • Consulting - With nearly 40 years of experience in microcontamination monitoring, Particle Measuring Systems provides a wide range of consulting services including process and application recommendations, creation of user requirements specifications, risk assessment and monitoring strategies.


Validation and GMP Compliance
Life Science manufacturers must meet strict GMP requirements from FDA, EU and other authorities. Particle Measuring Systems has the experience and expertise to help our customers succeed by providing services including risk analysis, user requirements, system design, GAMP validation, and data analysis and interpretation.


Project Management, Installation and Commissioning
Purchasing and installing a complete facility monitoring system can be a challenging task. Particle Measuring Systems has broad, global experience with systems consisting of a few measurement points to hundreds of measurement points. From system design to commissioning and validation, Particle Measuring Systems has experienced project managers who will ensure that a new or upgraded system project is successful and meets the scope, schedule, and budget requirements. We have integrated particle monitoring, microbial sensors, differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and countless other process control requirements. We do it all.


Risk Analysis
Our experienced applications team objectively looks at our customer's process and will advise of any contamination risks, recommending the best locations to place microcontamination monitoring equipment to minimize the customer's exposure.


Laboratory Testing
Our applications engineering team has a complete range of Particle Measuring Systems products available to test samples of customers' products for contamination.


Calibration and Maintenance
Particle Measuring Systems has service facilities and field service technicians located world-wide to provide repairs and on-site calibrations as required.


Rental and Leasing
Particle Measuring Systems has a comprehensive rental and leasing program to meet short and long-term equipment needs. Our fleet includes the latest technology instrumentation and software. Programs can be customized to meet unique requirements and technical support personnel are ready to assist if you have questions.



ISO 9001-certified since 1998, Particle Measuring Systems demonstrates what we believe: "Without measurement there is no control". We actively manage our businesses using key performance metrics in all aspects of our organization and by regularly monitoring production instruments for performance attributes that are considered "critical to quality" (CTQ). Subjected to rigorous internal and customer auditing, our quality systems provide a solid foundation for continual improvement and meet or exceed industry expectations. From our use of statistical process control in our manufacturing processes to measurement of turnaround time in service, we continually monitor processes to drive improvement every day. Our customer survey process continues to provide valuable information on additional products and services we can provide to the market and verifies our position as a valued partner.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is to strive to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and to align the activities of all personnel with the common focus of customer satisfaction through continual improvement in the quality of our products, services, and technical support. Particle Measuring Systems is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Mission Statement

To be the differentiated leader for microcontamination monitoring by improving the performance of clean manufacturers through the application of superior technology, quality, and service.

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