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D2 Wide Gel System
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D2 Wide Gel System

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

Thermo Scientific D2 Wide Gel System
Gel Size: (W x L) 14.40 x 10.20 cm
Footprint: (W x L x H) 20 x 19 x 10 cm
Running Buffer Volume: 600 ml

Great for protocols with large numbers of samples.

Our Owl D2 Wide Gel System can run from 10 to 80 samples on one gel. The wide gel size allows you to load 15 or 30 samples per row with a multichannel pipette format combs. This economical unit has multi functions and it is great to screen PCR samples or use for routine DNA fragment analysis. The small footprint allows it to fit on even the most cluttered lab bench.

This system incorporates Owl’s EasyCast design with an external caster. The UVT gel tray is fitted with a gasket which allows the tray to fit snugly into the external gel caster to provide a leakproof seal without tape. Sample loading is greatly enhanced using micro well pipette format combs engineered specifically for use with this system. By using these combs and a multichannel pipette, samples may be loaded directly from a 96-well plate, 8 or 12 at a time. This speeds up transfer and reduces the chance of sample order error. The unique electrode placement allows this gel to be run quickly without compromising the resolution.

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