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Capillary Electrophoresis System
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Capillary Electrophoresis System

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The QIAxcel system consist of the QIAxcel analyzer, a novel multiplexed fluorescence detection design including an array of light-emitting diodes and micro-optical collectors, QIAxcel Gel Cartridges, BioCalculator software, and a computer. Ready-to-run gel cartridges (see table "QIAxcel Kits Enable High-Resolution Capillary Electrophoresis") contain 12 separation micro-channels with a built-in gel matrix for fast, high-resolution analysis of up to 96 samples in parallel.

Hands-free sample loading and self-contained components minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals such as ethidium bromide. The high detection sensitivity provided by the QIAxcel analyzer enables robust results even with low concentrations of nucleic acid. The QIAxcel system speeds up DNA and RNA analysis applications by eliminating slab-gel analysis while streamlining entire sample purification and analysis workflow.

QIAxcel Kits Enable High-Resolution Capillary Electrophoresis

QIAxcel cartridge Analyte Fragment size range Best resolution Run time Application
QX DNA High Resolution Cartridge DNA 15 bp – 5 kb 3-5 bp for fragments 100-500 bp
50 bp for fragments 500 bp - 1 kb
500 bp for fragments 1-5 kb
7–12 minutes High-resolution genotyping
QX DNA Screening Cartridge DNA 15 bp  5 kb 20-50 bp for fragments 100-500 bp
50-100 bp for fragments 500 bp - 1 kb
200-500 bp for fragments 1-5 kb
5 minutes Fast PCR screening
QX DNA Large Fragment Cartridge DNA 15 bp  10 kb 3-5 bp for fragments 100-500 bp
50 bp for fragments 500 bp - 1 kb
100 bp for fragments 1-5 kb
500 bp for fragments 5-10 kb
22 minutes Large and long size range
QX RNA Quality Control Cartridge RNA 200 b  10 kb 200 b/500 b 10 minutes RNA quality control


The QIAxcel system is operated with a few, simple steps: the gel cartridge, the filled buffer tray, and samples in 96-well plates or in PCR tubes or strips are loaded, and the separation method is selected. Tedious gel preparation and extensive user training is eliminated, streamlining the workflow and facilitating integration of the system in daily routines (see figures "Streamlined Workflow" and "Reduced Run Times"). Within minutes of starting a run, the first results appear in real time on the computer screen. With a resolution of 3-5 bp for fragments smaller than 0.5 kb, the QIAxcel analyzer ensures greater accuracy than slab-gel methods as well as greater confidence in data interpretation. Sample consumption is less than 0.1 µl per analysis, saving your precious sample for further downstream analysis.

Convenient data analysis and storage

The BioCalculator software, provided with the QIAxcel system, is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to support data collection and analysis. Data can be viewed as both electropherogram and gel image (see figure "Electropherogram and Gel Image Example"). Interactive tools simplify analysis and facilitate quick data interpretation. Results can be viewed individually or overlay views can be created for sample and data comparison. All-in-one analysis for multiple data sets simplifies evaluation and a unique algorithm calculates and generates a tabular display of a variety of peak properties, including number of peaks as well as the height, width, and area of each peak. Comprehensive data reports can be easily generated and saved or exported to meet your documentation needs (see figure "Easy Data Export").


The QIAxcel system offers a broad range of optimized applications and is highly suited for research in academic as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedical laboratories. Preprogrammed methods, in combination with the corresponding gel cartridges, allow separation and analysis of a variety of nucleic acids, including single or multiple PCR fragments, DNA digested with restriction endonucleases, synthesized oligonucleotides, total RNA, and cRNA.

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