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pH/ DO/ ISE/ Conductivity Meter
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pH/ DO/ ISE/ Conductivity Meter

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

Orion 3-Star Plus Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter  
  • Improved stability algorithm to increase calibration and measurement accuracy
  • Average slope and slope of segment printed with measurement
  • Ability for ATC temperature calibration
  • Increased data log points: 1000
  • Ability to turn off data log
  • Ability to print or view last 10 calibrations
  • New Individual method passwords
  • Ability to turn off BOD stirrer
  • Solution and membrane temperature printed with measurement
  • Solution and membrane temperature displayed
  • Ability to calibrate both solution and membrane temperature
  • DO slope now on printout
Product Detail
 This waterproof, battery-operated DO meter stands up to the most demanding water analysis applications and delivers over 2,000 hours of continuous operation.  Convenient Quick-Start Guide is located on the back of the meter to make the unit easy to operate in the field.
The rugged meter displays DO concentration or percent DO Saturation and offers a full complement of GLP-related features. It offers enhanced stability indicators, salinity correction and automatic barometric pressure compensation—as well an auto-read/hold function, SMART STABILITYTMand SMART AVERAGINGTM. 
A unique feature allows meter and probe calibration to a Winkler Titration for those needing to correlate field measurements to Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) readings to Winkler methods.  You can record and store up to 10 setup parameters and calibrations—a valuable feature for multi-user labs. 
Additional Features: 
  • Balanced comfortable handling
  • Bright, backlit display with ready indication
  • Automatic barometric pressure compensation
  • Stores up to 10 methods with password protection
  • Uses polarographic DO probe
  • IP67 waterproof (may be immersed for up to one hour with no water incursion)
  • Waterproof mini DIN locking DO probe connectors; self-diagnostics
  • CE, CSA, UL, TÜV and FCC Class A limits approved

 Orion 3-Star Plus Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Only
 Includes 083010MD, DO probe maintenance kit 080513 and hard field case
 Includes 083010MD, DO probe maintenance kit 080513
 Includes 083010MD, DO probe maintenance kit 080513 and soft field case
 Includes 083010MD, electrode storage chamber, polarographic electrolyte soltuion, hard field case and DO in Freshwater method note
 Includes 083010MD, electrode storage chamber, polarographic electrolyte solution, hard field case and DO in wine and beer method note
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Product#    080513
Range / Resolution Concentration :
0.00 to 90.0 mg/L / 0.0/0.00
Range / Resolution % Saturation :
0.0 to 600% / 0/0.0
Relative Accuracy Concentration / % Saturation :
± 0.5% ±1 digit
Resolution dependent / automatic
Auto Calibration or Manual Input :
Water Saturated Air and Air Saturated Water, Winkler
Calibration to Winkler Titration for BOD :
Salinity Factor :
0 to 45 ppt
Barometric Pressure Range :
450 to 850 mm Hg
Probe Type :
Range / Resolution :
-5 to 105 °C / 0.1 up to 99.9 °C, 1.0 over 99.9 °C
Relative Accuracy :
± 0.1 °C
Temperature Compensation :
Display :
Custom backlit LCD, for easy viewing
Sensor Inputs :
DO-miniDIN - Locking; ATC-miniDIN-Locking (all waterproof)
Communications :
Waterproof bi-directional RS232 - Stereo jack, optional USB interface Cable
# Of Data Logging Points :
200 points by time, stability or manual read with time/date stamp
User Method Storage :
10 Saved
Advanced Self-test and Diagnostics :
Password Protection :
Internet Software Updates / Downloadable Methods :
Power :
4 x AA batteries, powerless date protection
Regulatory and Safety :
CE, CSA, UL, TÜV, FCC Class A limits
Ambient Operating Temperature :
5 to 45 °C
Relative Humidity :
5 to 85% Non-Condensing
IP Rating :
IP67, waterproof and dustproof
Warranty :
36 months (from date of purchase)
*Above data generated under optimal/controlled circumstances :


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