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482 litres Biomedical Upright plasma freezer (-40°C)
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482 litres Biomedical Upright plasma freezer (-40°C)

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

This SANYO Plasma Freezer provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of vaccines, blood plasma, test samples and specimens. The user-friendly design includes a built-in door latch for each of the double outer doors, and simple calibration is possible via the control panel. This, coupled with a visual and audible alarm system, ensures that your samples are both safe and secure, but also easy to access when you need them.

As a storage environment with excellent safety features, easy operability, and a host of other features, this freezer offers unsurpassed reliability and functionality for short or intermediate term storage at temperatures as low as -30°C.

Exterior (W x D x H) 804 x 772 x 1802 mm
Interior (W x D x H) 658 x 607 x 1272 mm
Effective capacity 482 litres
Weight 131 kg
Exterior finish Polyester finish baked on galvanized steel
Outer doors/lids 2, Insulated and magnetic sealed
Shelves/drawers/containers 6 medium & 4 large containers
max. load/shelf/drawer/container 30 kg
Casters 4
Access ports 1, rear side, Ø 30 mm
Insulation Foamed-in-place rigid plyurethane
Cooling system Hermetic rotary type 350W
Refrigerant R-404A (HFC)
Temp. control range -20°C ~ -40°C (AT 30°C)
Temp. sensor Thermistor
Remote alarm contact Allowable contact capacity DC 30V, 2A

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