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Dry Bath-Heating
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Dry Bath-Heating

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

WiseTherm(R)HB High-performance Dry Bath-Heating
Precise Temperature Control, Modular Blocks, Digital Timer & PID-Control System, Acrylic Lid, up to 150℃, ±0.2℃


* Designed for Multi-functional Dry Bath
* Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System and Digital LCD Display with ack-Light Function
* CE Certified
* “PL(Product Liability) Insurance” : One Hundred Million/Korean Won(\) for Each of Human and an Object

Application & Features
* Designed for Multi-functional Dry Bath. 
* Modular Block
* Ideal for Enzyme Reactions, Inactivation of Sera, Incubation and Other Laboratory Procedures.
* Precise Temperature Control : Ambient +5℃ ~ 150℃ with ±0.2℃ Accuracy
* User’s Self-Compensation Function for Temperature (±10.0℃)
* Over Temperature & Over Current Protection and Sensor Error Detection
* Digital Timer Included : up to 99hr 59min (Operation Time + Delay Time)
* Storage function for the Set Values of Temperature and Timer
* Alarm Function : Error Status and Timer-end 
* Various kind of Blocks are offered (Optional)
* Locking Mode Supported for Experimental Safety (Input to Jog-Shuttle can be Disabled)
* The Block Extraction Tongs Included for Easy Handing 
* CE Certified
* Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System and Digital LCD Display with Back-Light Function
*“PL(Product Liability) Insurance”: One Hundred Million/Korean Won(\) for Each of Human and an Object

Ordering Information
DH.WHB00148     Dry Bath-Heating, HB-48 Unit Only
DH.WHB00149*   Dry Bath-Heating Package, HB-48-Set 
                             with BLC548 Block for 1.5ml Tubes, 48holes
DH.WHB00196     Dry Bath-Heating, HB-96 Unit Only
DH.WHB00197*   Dry Bath-Heating Package, HB-96-Set
                             with Two BLC548 Blocks for 1.5ml Tubes, 96holes
DH.WHB00198     Dry Bath-Heating Dual Control, HB-96D Unit Only
*   Dry Bath-Heating HB-96D-Set
                             with Two BLC548 Blocks for 1.5ml tubes, 96holes

Optional Accessories
DH.WHB510596*   Block, BLC596, 0.2ml PCR Tube, 96 holes
DH.WHB510570*   Block, BLC570, 0.5ml Centrifuge Tube, 63 holes
DH.WHB511548*   Block, BLC548, 1.5ml Centrifuge Tube, 48 holes
DH.WHB521248*   Block, BLT248, Φ12    Test Tube, 48 holes
DH.WHB521335*   Block, BLT335, Φ13    Test Tube, 30 holes
DH.WHB521535*   Block, BLT535, Φ15    Test Tube, 30 holes
DH.WHB521628*   Block, BLT628, Φ16.5 Test Tube, 24 holes
DH.WHB521828*   Block, BLT828, Φ18    Test Tube, 24 holes
DH.WHB531515*   Block, BLC515, 15ml Conical Tube, 15 holes
DH.WHB535008*   Block, BLC008, 50ml Conical Tube, 8 holes
DH.WHB500101     Block Extraction Tongs, BLE101
                              1×Block Extraction Tongs, BLE101 included

Validation (IQ, OQ) Service
DH.WHB30148 Validation Service(IQ, OQ), DBV148, for HB-48
DH.WHB30196 Validation Service(IQ, OQ), DBV196, for HB-96
DH.WHB30198 Validation Service(IQ, OQ), DBV198, for HB-96D

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