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Microbial Air Samplers
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Microbial Air Samplers

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Model: Air Trace

Manufactory: Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) - USA

The Air Trace® Environmental Air Sampler is a state of the art slit-to-agar microbial air sampler. The sampler rotates a 150.0 mm agar plate through 360° while maintaining the agar plate at a fixed distance from a precision laser-cut slit, a critical feature to ensure maximum validated recovery of impacted organisms on the agar surface. After incubating the plate, growth on the medium can be interpreted for exactly when the contamination occurred during sampling, enabling the operator to pin-point a particular event during a process or procedure that may have raised the bio-burden to above acceptable limits. The rotation speed of the agar plate, as well as the percentage of the plate area exposed are parameters set by the user, thus ensuring the flexibility to monitor virtually any process for biocontamination. The airflow through the instrument is automatically controlled at 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM). The built-in software automatically stores user ID and unique location information for each run, and an RS232 serial printer can be used to download data. An optional kit is available for the monitoring of compressed gases.


  • Highly effective slit-to-agar capture method, a trusted and tested technology

  • Larger surface area (150.0 mm plate) for more statistically accurate results

  • Ability to pin-point and isolate exact moment of contamination due to precision controlled plate rotation

  • Third-party validated by the Center for Applied Microbiology and Research (CAMR) to meet ISO 14698-1: Biocontamination Control of Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments

  • Compliant with cGMP and GAMP® regulatory requirements

  • 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM) airflow is regulated for optimum flow rate during sampling enabling 1 m 3 sample volume in 35 minutes, 20 seconds.

  • HEPA filtered exhaust prevents contamination of the cleanroom or clean zone

  • Automated plate height adjustment and control during sampling process

  • User-adjustable plate rotation speed and plate exposure percentage

  • Direct replacement for older interchangeable drive-motor slit-to-agar impact samplers

  • Easy data download via RS232 serial printer (optional)


  • Pharmaceutical cleanroom monitoring for presence of microorganisms

  • Monitoring of aseptic filling areas, laminar flow workstations, and isolators (with optional remote probe assembly)

  • Compressed gases monitoring (with optional compressed gases kit)

  • Microbiological monitoring of surgical suites or operating rooms

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