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Đĩa Petri
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Đĩa Petri

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Petri DishesPetri Dishes


MS® Petri dishes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for use in routine procedures and with automated equipment. High optical clarity dishes effectively design to bacterial culture work. MS®50×15mm sterile petri dishes with suitable absorbent pad preloaded are designed for the Microbiology testing.

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  • Made of molded polystyrene in 35mm, 50mm, 90mm;
  • Designed easily to open with one hand;
  • Available with or without absorbent pads;
  • Gamma irradiated for sterilization;
  • packaged in heavy-wall polyethylene sleeves.


  • Bacterial culture
  • Ideal for microbiological analysis
  • Petri dishes with absorbent pads can be used for culturing micro-organisms on either agar or broth based media.

Specialized Dishes

50×15mm sterile petri dishes

MS® 50×15mm sterile petri dishes with absorbent pads are designed to accommodate 47mm diameter membrane filters. These dishes are stackable and have squared off edges on both the top and bottom which provide convenient grips for one handed opening.


Material of petri dish Dimension Filter size Sterilization
Polystyrene Height:15.0mm Diameter:50.0mm Accept 47mm absorbent pad and membrane filter Gamma irradiation

Item# Description Pcs per box Online Price(US$) Order
LBPD035S PS Petri Dishes, 35x15mm, standard round, sterile, 10/sleeve,2000/cs Ask for Quotes
LBPD055S Petri Dishes, 55x15mm, standard round, sterile,10/sleeve Ask for Quotes
LBPD070S PS Petri Dishes, 70x15mm, standard round, sterile, 10/sleeve,1000/cs Ask for Quotes
LBPD090S PS Petri Dishes, 90x15mm, standard round, sterile, 10/sleeve,500/cs Ask for Quotes
LBPD190S PS Petri Dishes, 90x15mm, standard round, sterile, Two Layer, 10/sleeve,500/cs Ask for Quotes
LBPD290S PS Petri Dishes, 90x15mm, standard round, sterile, Three Layer, 10/sleeve,500/cs Ask for Quotes
LBPD150S PS Petri Dishes, 150x15mm, standard round, sterile, 10/sleeve Ask for Quotes


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