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Benchtop Open Air Excella® Shakers
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Benchtop Open Air Excella® Shakers

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Benchtop Open Air Excella® Shakers

Models E1, E2, E5 & E10

When built-in temperature control is not needed, NBS Excella Open-Air Shakers are the solution. Ruggedly-built for use on the bench, in an incubator, or in a warm- or cold-room, these shakers are available in three sizes. All but the E1 are microprocessor-controlled with digital display.


Laboratory Shaker Excella E1

Analog-controlled E1 platforms are interchangeable with the E2.

Laboratory Shaker Excella E2

Microprocessor-controlled E2 accommodates flasks up to 500 mL on an 11 x 13" accessory platform.

Laboratory Shaker Excella E5

E5 accommodates an 18" x 18" accessory platform for flasks up to 6 liters.

Laboratory Shaker Excella E10

Large-capacity Excella E10 handles flasks up to 6 liters on 18" x 30" interchangeable accessory platforms.

  • Agitation: 50 - 400 rpm, ± 2 rpm
  • Orbit: E1, E2 & E5: 3/4" (1.9 cm) diameter circular orbit E10: 1" (2.54 cm) diameter circular orbit
  • Speed Can Be Calibrated via keypad
  • Accessory Platforms are interchangeable with those from other same-sized NBS shakers

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