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Blotting Membranes (Transfer Membranes)
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Blotting Membranes (Transfer Membranes)

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Blotting membranes (transfer membranes) are used widely in biotechnology such as protein transers, western transfers, protein dot or slot blots, traditional DNA and RNA transfers, nucleic acid detection, northerns and southerns. Membrane Solutions affords all kinds of transfer membrane including PVDF transfer membrane, nitrocellulose blotting membrane and nylon blotting membrane. We can custom blotting membrane, like the shape, the size, the contents, the package and different use as per your requirements.


PVDF Transfer Membranes
Nitrocellulose Blotting Membrane
Unsupported Nitrocellulose Blotting Membrane
Nylon Transfer Membrane
Nylon Blotting Membrane

Selecting an transfer membrane from MS®

MS® Life Science offers membranes for use in transfer and immobilization procedures. Selecting the appropriate membrane is critical to the success of a nucleic acid or protein transfer procedure. The several types of immobilon transfer membranes exhibit different performance characteristics which can directly affect the outcome of a specific technique.


Bio-lott NC membrane

Bio-lott PVDF membrane

Bio-lott Nylon


One of the most widely used membranes in analytical and research applications. Minimize amounts of wetting agent and have a lower water extractable content.

PVDF membrane has high protein adsorption, so proteins during transfer or reprobing won’t be lost. Open pore structure makes accessing bound proteins and removing unbound probes easily. Membranes optimized for fluorescent blots dramatically increase signal for high sensitivity in quantitative, multiplexing applications.

Open pore structure permits maximum accessibility of target sequences to the probe and allows efficient removal of unhybridized probe, thereby reducing background.


100% Pure Nitrocellulose

Polyvinylidene Fluoride



Nucleic acid and protein transfers. Suitable for Western and Southern blotting.

Western blotting, binding assays, amino acid analysis, N-terminal protein sequencing, dot/slot blotting, glycoprotein visualization, lipopolysaccharide analysis

Colony/plaque lifts, dot/slot blotting, cell culture, clarification of aqueous solutions

Detection Methods

Chromogenic, Radioactive, Fluorescent

Direct Stain, Enzyme-antibody Conjugates, Chromogenic, Chemiluminescent

Chromogenic, Radioactive, Fluorescent

Typical protein binding capacity




Compatible stains

Amido black, India ink, Ponceau-S red,Colloidal gold, CPTS

Coomassie brilliant blue, Amido black, India ink, Ponceau-S red, Colloidal gold, CPTS, Toluidine blue, Transillumination, Sypro® ruby

Amido black, India ink, Ponceau-S red, Colloidal gold, CPTS

Works best for:

Also suited for:

Colony/Plaque Lifts

Nucleic Acid and Protein

Protein Transfers

Nucleic Acid

Protein Transfers

Nucleic Acid


Excellent strength

No support fabric

No detergents added

100% pure nitrocellulose

Chemical resistance

No discoloration


High strength

High strength

High sensitivity

Versatile adsorption properties

Chemical resistance

Binding Interaction

Hydrophobic & Electrostatic



Method of


UV Crosslink Baking (Vacuum Oven)


UV Crosslink Baking

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