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Polypropylene Membrane Filter
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Polypropylene Membrane Filter

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Product Description

Polypropylene(PP) membrane filters are composed of pure polypropylene with absolute pore size ratings. These filters offer broad chemical compatibility allowing its use with aqueous and organic solvent samples. The polypropylene filter has extremely low extractable levels designed to provide accurate, consistent analysis results for sensitive ion chromatography applications while prolonging column life.

Polypropylene(PP) membrane filter is the preferred filter membrane for HPLC applications where the detection levels are below 230 nm. The filters also exhibit negligible protein binding, which is essential for maximum sample recovery of critical, small volume protein samples. Because of their hydrophobic nature, the polypropylene membrane are best suited for industrial processes such as gas filtration, chemical processes and photo-resist production as well as for application in the automotive industry. Since polypropylene is a pure hydrocarbon material, there are no disposal problems relating to halogen content with PP membrane in contrast with other hydrophobic membranes such as PVDF or PTFE.

PP Membrane Filter


  • Hydrophobic
  • Highly porous membrane
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Low extractable levels


  • Aqueous and organic solvent filtration
  • Depth filtration
  • Ion chromatography
  • Gas filtration
  • Photo-resist production

Technical Parameter

Product Types Nominal Pore Size
Bubble Point in IPA
[Bar] [Psi]
Min. TMF*
PP 0.15 2.1(30.5) 2.5
PP 0.22 0.8 (11.6) 8.5
PP 0.45 0.11 (1.60) N/A

Item# Description Pcs per box Online Price(US$) Order
MFPP025020 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:25(mm) Ask for Quotes
MFPP037020 PP Membrane Filter, 0.22um, 37mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047020 PP Membrane Filter, 0.22um, 47mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP090020 PP Membrane Filter, 0.22um, 90mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP125020 PP Membrane Filter, 0.22um, 125mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142020 PP Membrane Filter, 0.22um, 142mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142022 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:142(mm) Ask for Quotes
MFPP293020 PP Membrane Filter, 0.22um, 293mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP025045 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:25(mm) Ask for Quotes
MFPP037045 PP Membrane Filter, 0.45um, 37mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047045 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:47(mm) Ask for Quotes
MFPP090045 PP Membrane Filter, 0.45um, 90mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP125045 PP Membrane Filter, 0.45um, 125mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142045 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:142(mm) Ask for Quotes
MFPP293045 PP Membrane Filter, 0.45um, 293mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP025080 PP Membrane Filter, 0.80um, 25mm 200/pk Ask for Quotes
MFPP037080 PP Membrane Filter, 0.80um, 37mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047080 PP Membrane Filter, 0.80um, 47mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP090080 PP Membrane Filter, 0.80um, 90mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP125080 PP Membrane Filter, 0.80um, 125mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142080 PP Membrane Filter, 0.80um, 142mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP293080 PP Membrane Filter, 0.80um, 293mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP025100 PP Membrane Filter, 1.00um, 25mm 200/pk Ask for Quotes
MFPP037100 PP Membrane Filter, 1.00um, 37mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047100 PP Membrane Filter, 1.00um, 47mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP090100 PP Membrane Filter, 1.00um, 90mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP125100 PP Membrane Filter, 1.00um, 125mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142100 PP Membrane Filter,Pore: 1.00um, 142mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP293100 PP Membrane Filter, 1.00um, 293mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP025120 PP Membrane Filter,1.20um, 25mm, 200/pk Ask for Quotes
MFPP037120 PP Membrane Filter,1.20um, 37mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047120 PP Membrane Filter, 1.20um, 47mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP090120 PP Membrane Filter, 1.20um, 90mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP125120 PP Membrane Filter, 1.20um, 125mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142120 PP Membrane Filter, 1.20um, 142mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP293120 PP Membrane Filter, 1.20um, 293mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP025200 PP Membrane Filter,2.00um, 25mm 200/pk Ask for Quotes
MFPP037200 PP Membrane Filter, 2.00um, 37mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047200 PP Membrane Filter, 2.00um, 47mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP090200 PP Membrane Filter, 2.00um, 90mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP125200 PP Membrane Filter, 2.00um, 125mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142200 PP Membrane Filter, 2.00um, 142mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP293200 PP Membrane Filter, 2.00um, 293mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP025300 PP Membrane Filter, 3.0um, 25mm 200/pk Ask for Quotes
MFPP037300 PP Membrane Filter, 3.0um, 37mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047300 PP Membrane Filter, 3.0um, 47mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP090300 PP Membrane Filter, 3.00um, 90mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP125300 PP Membrane Filter, 3.0um, 125mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142300 PP Membrane Filter, 3.0um, 142mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP293300 PP Membrane Filter, 3.00um, 293mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP025500 PP Membrane Filter,5.0um, 25mm 200/pk Ask for Quotes
MFPP037500 PP Membrane Filter, 5.0um, 37mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047500 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:5.0(μm), Diameter:47(mm) Ask for Quotes
MFPP090500 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:5.0(μm), Diameter:90(mm) Ask for Quotes
MFPP125500 PP Membrane Filter, 5.00um, 125mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP142500 PP Membrane Filter, 5.0um, 142mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP293500 PP Membrane Filter, 5.00um, 293mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP047800 PP Membrane Filter, 8.0um, 47mm Ask for Quotes
MFPP0471000 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:10.0(μm), Diameter:47(mm) Ask for Quotes
MFPP0472000 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:20.0(μm), Diameter:47(mm) Ask for Quotes

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