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13mm Syringe Filters
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13mm Syringe Filters

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )


Membrane Solutions’ 13mm syringe filters have two types: ultrasonic welding and color-coding housings. MS® Syringe Filters are simply quality filters, well packaged, and offered at a fair and competitive price. The classic range is available in all of the major membranes including nylon, PTFE,PES,MCE,PVDF,CA,PP and GF.


  • HPLC sample preparation
  • Routine QC analysis
  • Content uniformity
  • Removal of protein precipitates
  • Dissolution testing
  • Food analysis
  • Biofuel analysis
  • Environmental samples


  • Application Compatibility: Broad range of filtration media meets diverse application needs.
  • Minimum sample hold-up: Syringe Filter s’housings are specifically designed to maximize sample recovery
  • Convenient: Each unit is clearly marked with an identifying code to denote pore size, membrane material
  • Sterile: Filters can be purchased presterilized by Gamma radiation and individually packaged


  • Filter Ø: 13 mm
  • Filtration area: 65 mm2
  • Housing material: polypropylene
  • Holdup volume: <10 µl
  • Sample volume: <12 µl
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 130°C
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 130 psi
  • Inlet: Luer lock female
  • Outlet: Luer slip male

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