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30mm Syringe Filters
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30mm Syringe Filters

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30mm Syringe Filter


Membrane Solutions’ new 30mm syringe filter characterized by an injection molded colored ring around the housing and all include a glass fiber pre-filter. They will be available in four different types of membrane in pore sizes of 0.2µm and 0.45µm. As hydrophilic membrane types we are going to offer MCE、Glass Fiber、Nylon and in addition PTFE as a hydrophobic membrane. Besides the color-coding the print of the membrane type along with the pore size on the housing guarantees product safety during usage.


  • Filter Ø: 30 mm ;Filtration area: 490 mm2 ,has more than 40% larger filtration area than the 25 mm filter.

  • Ideal for use with bioreactors and fermenters

  • Have broad chemical resistance

  • For use with sample volumes of 2-100ml. Their enhanced luer-lok inlet provides secure connections and eliminates

  • Each manufacturing lot is tested for burst pressure of housing, bubble point, and flow rate performance.


  • Sterile venting of carboys, filling vessels, fermentation tanks, bioreactors

  • Venting of small product or intermediates tanks

  • Small volume venting and degassing

  • Sterile gas purging of culture vessels

  • Sterile gas delivery to instruments, incubators and culture vessels

  • Protection of laboratory personnel from vacuum pump exhaust contaminants

  • Filter low volumes of aggressive solvents and aqueous solutions

  • Protect pump components from liquid damage by using between a pump and receiving vessel

  • Chromatography solutions

  • Reagents


  • Filter Ø: 30 mm

  • Filtration area: 460 mm2

  • Housing material: polypropylene

  • Holdup volume: <55 µl

  • Sample volume: <140 µl

  • Max. housing pressure: 8 bar

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 80°C

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 75 psi

  • Inlet: Luer lock female

  • Outlet: Luer slip male

  • Biological Safety: Filter medium and housing material meet USP XXII Class VI,121 ℃

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