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PTFE Membrane Filter
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PTFE Membrane Filter

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

MS® PTFE membrane filter media, with its advantages of high porosity and high laminating strength, reached world first class technology. Membrane Solutions has developed multi-Hi-tech membrane products, including Ambient Temperature PTFE Membrane Filter Media, High-temperature Resistance PTFE Membrane Filter Media, and PTFE Hydrophilic Membrane Material for Wet filtration, to be Hi-tech transferable products. For years Membrane Solutions has been providing filtration products to industries like water treatment, air filtration, biosciences, chemical engineering, laboratory testing, food & beverage, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

Membrane Solutions has offered and provided its outstanding quality and technology, rigorous process and full range after sales service to customers in China and abroad with products for cleaning to reach satisfied result.

alt  alt  Hydrophobic PTFE membrane for dust filtration Hydrophobic PTFE membrane for liquid filtration Hydrophobic PTFE membrane for textileHydrophilic PTFE membrane

Membrane Solutions Chemical Compatibility Chart will help you choose the right type of membrane for your application.

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