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Liquid Particle Counters
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Liquid Particle Counters

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Model: CLS-700 T

Manufactory: Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) - USA

The CLS-700 T corrosive liquid sampler is a compression sampler combined with a LiQuilaz® liquid particle counter for effective measurement of particles in fluids contained in unpressurized vessels. It is ideally suited for testing effervescent chemicals. The system eliminates bubbles by pressurizing the sample and forcing the bubbles into solution.

The CLS-700 T corrosive liquid sampler can be integrated into a wet bench for continuous particle monitoring, or located on a cart for increased mobility. When integrated into the wet bench, the sampling system can be started or stopped by the tool, including automatic shut-off during a bath change, to prevent the injection of chemical foam or air into the particle counter. The CLS-700 T corrosive liquid sampler is fully compliant with SEMI C1 for particle measurement of process chemicals.


  • Cost Reduction

  • 50 or 80 mL/min. flow rate and 100% view volume means quicker process qualification

  • Real-time characterization and analysis for immediate response to anomalies means less waste

  • Versatility

  • Supports a wide range of applications and fluids

  • Programmable particle-size thresholds

  • Designed for easy mobility

  • Compression sampling allows instrument to measure most chemicals, including effervescent ones

  • External trigger coordinates sampling with process events

  • Measurements can be made directly out of the bath

  • Easy to Use

  • Facility Net process control software simplifies online sampling by providing alphanumeric paging, sensor status, tabular and SPC charts, and time plots

  • SamplerSight batch sampling software facilitates all aspects of data management, including sophisticated data storage, retrieval, and report generation

  • Designed for quick cleanup when switching from one chemical to another


  • Particle level measurement in effervescent liquids

  • Wet process monitoring

  • Chemical process control

  • Bath monitoring


Learn more about our microcontamination monitoring services.

The CLS-700T particle counter is a batch system used to sample process chemicals at temperatures up to 150°C. The system is designed to be versatile and fits on a laboratory cart for sampling chemicals from bath to bath within a fabrication facility. The CLS-700T chemical particle sampler extracts the fluid from a bath, drum or bottle, forces it through a sensor and collects the particle information. Sampling is performed by drawing the chemical into the buret and compressing the liquid to remove any bubbles. The wetted surfaces in the CLS-700T particle counter are chemically compatible with most hot process chemicals including hydrofluoric acid. All the electronics are physically separated from the plumbing section and purged with an inert gas to prevent corrosion. Purge gas can be provided from a house supply, bottle or pump.

The CLS 700 T chemical particle counter includes triggering which allows the sampler to be started or stopped by a process tool. The sampler can be automatically shut off during a bath change preventing the injection of damaging chemical foam and air into the particle counter.

Particle measurements are performed using the LiQuilaz chemical particle sensor. Up to 15 sizing thresholds are available starting at 0.2 microns. Sizing sensitivity is operator adjustable and controlled through the software. A personal computer is used to display the particle data in real time representing counts per unit volume in a time series plot, raw or normalized counts in a tabular format, and percent of total in a histogram.

The external surface of the CLS-700T chemical particle sampler is made out of polypropylene with all reference and status labeling laser etched. This allows for easy maintenance for wiping down between chemical sampling without damaging the surface with harsh solvents.

This particle counter is CE certified.

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