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Particle Counters for DI Water
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Particle Counters for DI Water

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

Model: Ultra DI

Manufactory: Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) - USA

Ultra DI liquid particle counters are designed specifically for (deionized) DI water systems and will count and size contaminants as small as 0.05 microns (50 nano). The Ultra DI's large sample volume, low zero count, and high counting efficiency provide unsurpassed performance.

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  • Rapid Analysis:

  • Quickly obtain meaningful statistical data with the Ultra DI's large sample volume

  • Save operator time with fast cleanup and the ability to move quickly from one sample point to another

  • Speed analysis time by using short sample intervals

  • Process Improvement:

  • Detect low to mid range excursions with more relevant statistical data due to larger sample volumes and ultra-low zero count levels

  • Respond immediately to contamination with real-time measurement of particles

  • Have more sophisticated process control with Facility Net software including alphanumeric paging, sensor status, tabular and SPC charts, time plots, and historical record of event logs

  • Set tighter process control limits with low sample-to-sample variation

  • Detect process variations with sensitivity to 0.05 microns

  • Easy to Use :

  • Utilize existing network with Ethernet communication to Facility Net

  • Connect directly to PLC and SCADA systems with 4-20 mA communication

  • Compatible with ozonated water

  • Stainless steel housing with dual HEPA filtration for use in Ultra DI liquid particle counter


  • Quantifying particle concentration
    in state of the art DI water systems

  • Filter efficiency particle measurements

  • Trending analysis at lower particle concentrations

  • Detecting bacterial growth in high purity water systems

  • Episodic particle event tracking and alarming

  • Manufacturing process control

  • Continuous DI water system particle monitoring



Learn more about our microcontamination monitoring services.

The table below shows how the sample volume rate differences between liquid particle counters affects the time needed to measure a specific volume of fluid. If the particle concentration is 0.5 particeles/mL, only 20 particles will normally be detected in a 40 mL volume.




Time to
1L Fluid

Time to
40mL Fluid

Ultra DI50 DI water particle counter

3.75 mL/min

4.4 Hours

10.6 minutes

HSLIS M50 liquid particle counter

0.25 mL/min

2.8 Days

2 Hours
40 minutes

Competitor Liquid Particle Counters

0.1 mL/min

6.9 Days

6 Hours
40 minutes

This liquid particle counter is CE certified.

Ultra DI® is a registered trademark of Particle Measuring Systems, Inc.
Patents and applications apply - US 4798465; Japan 2786187; Germany 3712665C2; US patent pending.

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