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Particle Counters for Gas Streams
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Particle Counters for Gas Streams

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

Model: HPGP-101-C

Manufactory: Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) - USA

This particle counter monitors contaminants in process gases at line pressure. Includes the probe and a data system which collects and reports data.


  • Speed qualification of process gas distribution systems

  • Detect particles in gases before they impact yield

  • Compatible with oxygen, hydrogen, and most non-toxic gases

  • Verify specifications

  • Detect process upsets

  • Quantify impact of system changes

  • Accurate particle sizing

  • Compatible with Facility Net data management for comprehensive data storage, management, reports and alarms

  • Passive cavity design requires infrequent maintenance

  • Unlike other systems, the HPGP requires no fluids for monitoring

  • Inert gas purge ensures safety

  • Leakage of sample gas to vessel discontinues power to electronics


  • Qualification of gas distribution systems

  • Process gas monitoring

  • Reactive gas monitoring


Laser Particle Counter: Process gases are used regularly in manufacturing environments. Monitoring the particle level in gases is best achieved at line pressure. The High Pressure Gas Probe, Model HPGP, operates at pressures from 40 to 150 psig. Sizing sensitivity is available at 0.1 micron with a flow rate of 0.1 SCFM. The probe is contained in a cylindrical pressure vessel, which serves as a safety containment housing. During operation, the contaminant vessel is pressurized with dry nitrogen. If the pressure vessel leaks to ambient or if there is an internal gas leak into the vessel, power is disabled. The metal inlet fitting surfaces are electro-polished stainless steel providing compatibility with many non-toxic gases and aerosols.

Each system includes a HPGP particle counter and a PDS-PA data acquisition system with optional external printer. Up to eight sizing channels are displayed on a 5-inch CRT for the operator to view. The information is presented in a tabular format or as a histogram. Data can be displayed representing differential or cumulative counts.

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Particle Counters for Gas Streams
Particle Counters for Gas Streams

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