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Mobile Particle Counters
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Mobile Particle Counters

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Model: LASAIR® II 110

Manufactory: Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) - USA


  • Reduce Defects:
  • Real-time measurement of defect-causing particles
  • Use as mobile airborne counter to localize source of particles
  • Elimination of traditional undercounting errors in manifold sampling
  • Full range of accessories for monitoring in different applications
  • Detection of more 0.1 µm airborne particles than traditional units
  • Increase Productivity:
  • Saving/reloading recipes saves time during cleanroom certification
  • Control cleanroom particle monitoring from your office PC via web browser: set-up, sample, display, print, download data, upload sample recipes, etc.
  • Quiet operation improves work environment
  • Choice of 9 languages for display and printouts
  • Calculations and reports for ISO, FS, or British Standards
  • Interfaces with Facility Net Software for comprehensive data management
  • Speedy data download to Excel, PDA, or USB flash memory key
  • Cost-Effective:
  • Eliminates need for frequent, costly laser cleaning
  • Long-life pump eliminates annual vane replacement and optional critical orifice configuration eliminates internal pump for aerosol manifold applications
  • Easy to clean/wipe down; designed to minimize particle traps
  • Rugged, chemical-resistant, ESA/ESD-compliant KYDEX® casing
  • Cooled diode lasts longer; 3 year laser warranty


  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • High sensitivity applications
  • Facility certification to ISO, FS, or British Standards
  • Minienvironment qualification
  • Troubleshooting/mobile applications
  • Manifold sampling (with Aerosol Manifold II)
  • Process gas monitoring (with High Pressure Diffuser)
  • Ultraclean zones (ISO 1-2)
  • Use same particle counter for ISO Class 1 - 9 applications (aerosol diluter required for Classes 8 & 9)


The Lasair II 110 particle counter is the winner of the 2005 Semiconductor International Editor's Choice Award.

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