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Automatic Powder Characterisation Instrument
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Automatic Powder Characterisation Instrument

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Model: PTGS3

Manuafactory: Pharmatest - Germany.

Powder Characterisation Instrument

The automated PTGS3 powder testing system is used to measure the flow behaviour of granules and powders in compliance with the current EP  and USP pharmacopoeia as well as with the international ISO 4324 standards. This instrument is suitable for testing powder Flow Time, the measurement of the Cone Angle (angle of repose) of the collected powder mound, printing a Powder Flow Chart, while measuring the weight it is calculating the powder ConeDensity and the powder Cone Volume as well as the EP "Flowability" results which is measuring the flow time of 100 g of sample through a specified pouring nozzle. It is equipped with a built-in Mettler Balance Cell, range 1 - 350 mg, accuracy 1.0 mg, and a built-in printer.
Operation Principle 
The design is compliant to the current EP monograph , USP  and the ISO 4324 (12/83) standard. A conical stainless steel funnel which can be equipped with different pouring nozzles ranging from 4 - 25 mm takes the sample to be tested. The built-in analytical balance cell is placed inside the instrument housing and holds the product collecting dish. The PTGER electrical stirrer attached to the main instrument may be used for those powders which do not flow due to the high percentage of fine particles. 
Now available: small POM product funnel and dish for just 10gof sample and a Plexiglas protection hood for the entire testing system.
NIR Accessory for Powder Characterisation Instrument PTGS3.The PTG-NIR Powder Flow Analyser with NIR detection is used for the qualitative analysis of powders.

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