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Vacuum Concentration System
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Vacuum Concentration System

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SPD1010 and SPD2010 Integrated SpeedVac® Systems
SPD-integrated series concentrators deliver unsurpassed cost-effective, fast drying and concentrating of aqueous or non-aggressive samples in a compact, robust, and easy-to-use package.

Product Detail

The SPD benchtop integrated SpeedVac® vacuum concentrators deliver rapid and efficient concentration and drying of aqueous and low volume non-aggressive solvents, such as Methanol, Ethanol, and Acetonitrile, in a simple, easy-to-use, robust unit.

The SPD1010 and SPD2010 are ideal for drying DNA/RNA precipitates in plates or tubes, PCR samples in water/ethanol or isopropanol., and drying oligonucleotides.
These quiet, robust systems are designed for simple, quick installation, programming, operation and low maintenance.
Plug and play installation – no tubing connections with concentrator, oil-free vacuum pump, and cold trap all in one unit
Ease-of-operation – intuitive one program digital display allows you to program heat, run time, ramp rate and vacuum level
Flexible Design
Standard rotors hold two or more tube sizes
Rotors fit a wide variety of sample formats
SPD1010 holds 0.5 mL to 100 mL flasks, and shallow-well microplates
SPD2010 holds 1.5 mL to 500 mL flasks, and shallow-well and deep-well microplates
Ramp rate and vacuum control enhance mixed solvent evaporation and eliminate solvent bumping
Robust, Low-maintenance Design
Oil-free vacuum pumps is virtually maintenance free
PTFE coated chamber protects the chamber from corrosion, while making cleaning easy
Enhanced Evaporation
Faster sample drying provided with radiant cover
Reduced-length vapor path from concentrator to refrigerated vapor trap accelerates evaporation


Integrated :

SPD1010 and SPD2010 come with concentrator, pump and refrigerated vapor trap

Chamber Material :

Teflon® coated aluminum

Vacuum Pump Type :

ETFE oil-free diaphragm pump

Displacement :

36 L/min @ 60Hz
30 L/min@ 50Hz

Maximum Vacuum :

7 Torr (9 mbar)

Vacuum Control :

30 - 5.1 Torr

Ramp Rate :

1 - 5

Temperature :

Adjustable, 45 to 80ºC, in 5ºC increments

Memory Capacity :

1 program

Refrigerated Vapor Trap :


Capacity :

4 Liters

Operating Temperature :


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