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Small Centrifuges - EBA 20S
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Small Centrifuges - EBA 20S

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EBA 20 S
The EBA 20 S is a compact and practical centrifuge for small sample volumes. It is fitted as standard with an angle rotor for 8 tubes up to a volume of 15 ml. The powerful EBA 20 S is particularly suitable for emergency laboratories where every minute counts. Its higher speeds reduce centrifugation time such that plasma with low platelet content is available for analysis after just a few minutes.

Max. capacity:
in an angle rotor: 8 x 15 ml

Max. speed (RPM): 8.000 min-1

Max. RCF: 6.153

Dimensions (H x W x D):
216 x 231 x 292 mm

Weight: approx. 6 kg

Refrigeration: Air cooling

Angle rotor for 8 x 15 ml tubes inclusive

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