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SPECTRONIC* 20D+ Spectrophotometer
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SPECTRONIC* 20D+ Spectrophotometer

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Thermo Scientific* SPECTRONIC 20D+ Spectrophotometers are low-cost, rugged and reliable spectrophotometers for teaching and industrial labs.
The SPECTRONIC 20 name has become synonymous with longevity, reliability, and quality. It remains a key tool in the classroom for teaching future chemists and a proven workhorse instrument for the quantitative analysis of wastewater, foods and beverages, and more. It is a practical, useful tool that lab managers know they can rely on for their every day laboratory applications. No other spectrophotometer gives you the range of functionality and reliability at such an affordable price.
Single-beam units are suitable for general colorimetric and spectrophotometric applications.

System Benefits
  • Compact, lightweight design saves valuable bench space
  • 340 to 950nm wavelength range enables a wide variety of spectrophotometric analyses
  • Simple Filter Selection Lever optimizes results with its easy use
Accessories Add Power and Flexibility
  • A variety of adapters, cuvets, and test tubes for running a diverse range of chemical tests work with the versatile instrument sample compartment
  • Sample volumes as low as 0.75mL reduce waste and lower reagent costs
  • Cell pathlengths up to 1 in. allow measurement of low absorbing samples without the additional time and cost of physically concentrating the samples
  • Includes easy-to-read digital display with direct readout in percent transmittance, units of absorbance or concentration
  • Direct Computing and Printer Interfacing reduces reading and recording error
  • Concentration Mode with automatic calculation saves time, eliminating the need to manually construct standard curves for each analysis
Includes: Both models come with a box of twelve 0.50 in. (13mm) test tube cells (Part No. 331780000), 0.50 in. (13mm) sample compartment adapter (333178000), dust cover (332961149), and user manual.

Compatible with: 331713000   Semi-micro cuvettes, 10mm pathlength, 0.75mL minimum volume, 45mm tall optical glass, matched set of two

331709000   Square cuvettes, 10mm pathlength, 45mm tall, optical glass, matched set of two (2) in case (requires 333176000 holder)

331701000  Square cuvettes, 1/2 in. pathlength, 100mm tall, set of two (2) in case, optical glass (requires 333178000 Adapter included with instrument)

333176000  Holder for 10mm square cuvettes and SPECTRONIC Standards

331780000  1/2 in. test tube cuvettes, 100mm tall, optical glass, box of 12 (included with instrument)

331781000  3/4 in. test tube cuvettes, 150mm tall, optical glass, box of 12 (requires 332931000 Adapter and 332932000 Light Shield)

332931000  Adapter for 3/4 in. test tube cuvettes (requires 332932000 Light Shield)

331782000   1 in. test tube cuvettes, 150mm tall, box of 12, optical glass (requires 332930000 Adapter and 332932000 Light Shield)

332930000   Adapter for 1 in. test tube cuvettes (requires 332932000 Light Shield)

332932000   Light Shield for test tube cuvettes to 150mm tall

Warranty and Service Offering: Three years.

Compliance: Manufactured in an ISO:9001 facility.

Certifications: UL/CSA listed

Recommended for: Academic, agricultural, environmental, food and beverage, and chemical QC labs
Specifications for SPECTRONIC 20+ Model
Optical System Single beam
Light Source Tungsten-Halogen Lamp
Spectral Bandwidth 20nm
Readout 20+: 51/2 in. (14cm) mirrored scale meter; 20D+: LED
Range 340 to 950nm
Accuracy ±2.5nm near 525nm
Range 20+: 0 to 2A
Accuracy ±2%T
Noise ±0.5%T
Drift 1.0%T/Hr.
Stray Radiant Energy <0.5%T†

Cat. No. Description
333183000 20D+ Digital Model

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