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Evolution 300 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
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Evolution 300 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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The Thermo Scientific* Evolution 300 is ideal for life science, pharmaceutical and QA/QC applications. A wide selection of accessories and a low cost of ownership make it a versatile and affordable addition to the lab.
The powerful Xenon lamp-based platform and variable bandwidth make the Evolution 300 ideal for life science, pharmaceutical and QA/QC applications. A selection of VISION software packages expand instrument capability and Smart Accessories make your analyses easier to perform. The walk-up convenience of the Xenon lamp saves valuable time and increases your lab's productivity.

Xenon Lamp

  • Provides excellent performance over the full wavelength range
  • Ready to use without instrument warmup for fast readings
  • Activates only when taking a measurement; extended lamp life lowers cost of instrument ownership
  • 3-year warranty

Key Features

  • 5 variable spectral bandwidth settings for matching customer assays to instrument
  • Acquisition rate: 50 data points per second
  • Longlife Xenon lamp

Optional Smart Accessories For Any Application

  • Full line available for Life Sciences and QA/QC
  • Install or remove without restarting the instrument
  • Built-in software instantly identifies and configures to accommodate accessory
  • Each accessory has a unique serial number that is recorded for comprehensive event logs and audit trail capabilities
  • Automated performance verification with CVC accessory
  • Mercury lamp accessory is available for testing and defining wavelength accuracy

PC Control

  • Enables data collection and distribution to third party applications for advanced processing and archiving
  • Uses powerful VISION software suite to control instrument
  • Collects, stores, recalls and analyzes data

Local and PC Control

  • Combines keypad and PC control systems for maximum flexibility in labs with a variety of experimental needs


Ordering Alerts: All accessories are sold separately. Available software packages include VISIONliteMaterialsCalc (for material analysis), VISIONpro (standard UV-VIS), VISIONlife (Life Science), VISIONsecurity (regulated labs), VISIONlite ColorCalc Basic (XYZ, Lab, CIE), and VISIONlite ColorCalc Advanced (>40DAB/EP color check filters, Pt-Co/Alpha color, Gardner and Iodine color, wine analysis). Other accessories include cell changers, cuvet and test holders, calibration carousels, sippers, fiber optic probes, small volume sampling, and accessories for reflectance and rapid mixing.


Warranty and Service Offering: Three years on Xenon lamp


Compliance: 21 CFR Part 11 and audit-proof IQ/OQ/PQ documentation


Certifications: ISO 9001:2000


Recommended for: General Spectroscopy

  • High-resolution UV-Visible spectrscopy
  • Temperature-based investigations

Life Science

  • Nucleic acid assays
  • Protein concentration assays
  • Thermal denaturation/renaturation
  • Kinetics


  • Quantitative analysis
  • Finished product analysis
  • Measurements in the regulated laboratory


  • General Research
  • QA/QC
  • Tablet dissolution
To use the Evolution 300 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in a regulated or quality control environment, we offer a wide selection of compliance products and services to reduce implementation time and assure system performance.
Optical System Dual-beam, quartz-coated
Spectral Bandwidth 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 4.0nm
Range 190-1100nm
Accuracy ±0.20nm (546.11nm Hg emission line), ±0.3nm for 190-900nm
Repeatability Peak separation of repetitive scanning of a Hg line source: <0.10nm, Standard deviation of 10 measurements: <0.05nm
Range >4A
Accuracy ±0.004A at 1A, ±0.004A at 2A, ±0.006A at 3A
Noise <0.00018A at 0A; <0.00022A at 1A; <0.00050A at 2A, 500nm, RMS
Scan Speed 1-3800nm/min.
Stray Light 198nm: >2.0A KCl, EP; 220nm: >3.7A NaI, 340nm: >3.9A NaNO2
Light Source Xenon
Baseline Flatness ±0.0015A (200 - 800nm) 2.0nm SBW, smoothed
Detector Silicon photodiode
Monochromator Modified Ebert monochromator
Dimensions 21L x 24W x 15 in.H (53 x 61 x 38cm)
Electrical Requirements 100/240V 50/60Hz
Net Weight 48.4 lb. (22kg)
Cat. No. Description
10300301 Evolution 300 Local Control
10300401 Evolution 300 Local Control w/Internal Graphic Printer
10300501 Evolution 300 PC, No Software
10300201 Evolution 300 PC w/VISIONpro* Software
10300101 Evolution 300 PC w/VISIONsecurity* Software

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