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Evolution 60S UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
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Evolution 60S UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

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The Thermo Scientific* Evolution 60S UV-Visible spectrophotometer offers exceptional performance and flexibility for routine to research applications.
With a 1.0 spectral bandwidth, the system provides increased resolution for your most demanding samples
Efficient optical design delivers a new level of clarity to your measurements.

Maximum Performance, Compact Design
  • Acquire accurate spectra with scan speeds up to 4200nm/min.
  • Depend on dual-beam optics for superior photometric accuracy during long measurements
  • Acquire measurements from the UV to the near-IR
  • Choose either a local control instrument or a computer-controlled model to match the needs of your laboratory
  • Increase sample throughput with the integrated 6-cell changer; save data to a USB memory device
  • Rely on accurate data with pre-programmed performance verification methods; save bench space with small footprint
  • Go beyond the Evolution 60S instrument with accessories available for every type of sample, Customize to fit your laboratory needs
Maintenance-Free Lamp
  • Save time with the instant-on xenon flash lamp
  • Perform accurate analysis over the entire wavelength range of 190-1100nm
  • Prevent damage to sensitive samples – does not continuously expose sample to intense UV light
  • Long lifetime xenon flash lamp – guaranteed for three years of continuous use
  • Xenon lamp produces no heat – sample compartment temperature does not change
    Optical Design Dual Beam – Internal Reference Detector
    Spectral Bandwidth 1.0nm
    Light Source (Typical Lifetime) Xenon Flash Lamp (5 years typical; 3 years

    Detectors Dual Silicon Photodiodes
    Wavelength Range 190-1100nm
    Photometric Linear Range >3.5 A
    Stray Light <0.08%T at 220, 340nm (NaI, NaNO2) <1.0%T 198-200nm (KCl)
    Resolution (Toluene in Hexane) >1.5
    Display Graphical with LCD backlight 3.8 x 2.8 in. (9.7 x 7.1cm)
    Keypad Sealed Membrane with tactile response keys
    Printer (optional) 40 column Internal (text and graphics) External

    USB printer (HP PCL 3.0 and greater)
    Connectivity USB
    Dimensions 11.8W x 15.7D x 9.8 in.H (30 x 40 x 25cm)
    Weight 19 lb. (8.6kg)
    Power Requirements Selected Automatically 100–240V; 50/60Hz
    Cat. No. Description
    10148010 Evolution 60S UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
    840-208500 Evolution 60S w/local control
    840-208600 Evolution 60S w/local control and printer
    840-208700 Evolution 60S w/PC control

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