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BioMate* 3S Spectrophotometer
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BioMate* 3S Spectrophotometer

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Your busy life science laboratory demands performance and flexibility — count on the Thermo Scientific BioMate 3S UV-Visible spectrophotometer to deliver.
With stray light and noise specifications comparable to instruments two or three times the price, the new, compact Thermo Scientific BioMate 3S saves you valuable bench space. The BioMate 3S offers pre-programmed assay methods for nucleic acid and protein concentration as well as cell culture measurements.
Warranty and Service Offering: One year on instrument; lamp is warranted for three years of continuous use.
The BioMate 3S is a highly configurable instrument, adaptable to the needs of the lab. A variety of accessories adds convenience and provides Peltier temperature control, automation, and fiber optic sampling.
Hardware Designed for Performance
  • Improved, 1.8nm spectral bandwidth is compliant with worldwide Pharmacopeia requirements, allowing research quality measurements with routine simplicity
  • Patented optical design provides a compact, high-performance dual-beam system with very few moving parts
  • Xenon lamp gives balanced light over the full instrument wavelength range of 190 to 1100nm
  • Dual-beam optical system includes an internal reference detector and offers significant advantages over a single beam or diode array instruments, including compensation for lamp intensity changes, better performance for kinetics, and better long-term stability
Software Enhanced Flexibility
  • Embedded software provides pre-programmed assays for RNA/DNA concentration or purity estimation, protein concentrations, cell growth, kinetics, or routine measurements
  • For more intense applications, optional application software programs allow more sophisticated data collection, analysis, and reporting
Time-Saving Bioanalysis Software
  • Pre-programmed assays deliver fast, accurate results
  • Built-in assays for nucleic acid concentration and purity estimations, protein concentration, and cell growth at 600nm
  • Flexible Oligo calculator feature for calculating molecular weight, theoretical Tm and Oligo concentration factor
  • Other standard applications include single and multicell kinetics, wavelength scanning, and user-defined fixed wavelength measurements
BioMate 3S
  • Unit is ideal for DNA/RNA and protein analysis
  • Optional built-in 3 in. (7.6cm) graphical printer shows test parameters, graph, and data
  • Optional automatic six-position cell holder speeds up cell growth measurements or standard curve preparations
Pre-programmed life science assays include:
  • Nucleic acid ratio and concentration (260/280 and 260/230)
  • Direct protein concentration at 280nm and 205nm
  • Coomassie*/Bradford (Standard and Micro)
  • Lowry
  • BCA
  • Pierce Micro-BCA
  • Pierce 660nm Protein Assay
  • Cell growth (with scaling factor)
  • Kinetics
    Optics Split-beam, quartz-coated optics
    Lamp Long-life xenon
    Wavelength Range 190–1100nm
    Wavelength Accuracy ±1.0nm
    Bandwidth 5nm
    LCD Large 3.50 x 2.50 in. (8.9 x 6.4cm), shows all data and final results
    Noise <0.001A
    Scan Speed Survey scan (100nm increments)
    RS-232-C Interface Bidirectional RS-232-C
    Stability <0.001A/hr.
    Stray Light <0.1%T at 220 and 340nm
    Dimensions 16 x 13 x 9 in. (41.0 x 33.0 x 23.0cm)
    Weight 19 lb. (8.6kg)
    Cat. No. Description
    840208300 Six-Position Cell Holder Model
    840208400 Six-Position Cell Holder Model w/printer
    BIONANOS Six-Position Cell Holder Model with Nano-Cell


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