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Galaxy® S Series CO2 Incubators
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Galaxy® S Series CO2 Incubators

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New Brunswick Scientific's S Series Galaxy CO2 incubators provide the same high level of performance as the R Series direct heat incubators, but use an easily-read LED display for the interface, representing an excellent, value-priced model, (shown at right.) S Series incubators are available in 170-liter, 48-liter and 14-liter capacities (6.0, 1.7 and 0.5 cu. ft.) and are ideal for a wide range of specialized and traditional applications where incubation is required.

Galaxy 170 S Incubators

  • Galaxy 170 S CO2 IncubatorsFull sized, 170L, 6.0 cu. ft. capacity on a minimal footprint.
  • Easy-to-read LED display.
  • IR CO2 sensor with automatic auto-zero programmable function to ensure accurate calibrated measurements.
  • Seamless chamber.
  • 25mm Access port.
  • Perforated shelving.
  • Sealed inner glass door for atmosphere conservation.
  • RS-232 Communications port.
  • Stackable up to two units high for space savings.
  • Large volume humidification pan with dedicated, independent heater.
  • Quick and comprehensive chamber cleaning made effortless.
  • HEPA filtration of gas supply inlets to minimize contamination risk.
  • 4-position shelving rack with 4 shelves.

Galaxy 170 S Options (click here for details)

  • High-temperature disinfection.
  • 4 or 8 Split inner glass doors.
  • Copper chamber and interior.
  • BMS alarm relay contacts.

Galaxy 48S CO2 IncubatorGalaxy 48 S Incubators

Galaxy 48 S Series incubators are entry-level models, offering the same superior performance as 48 R models. They are ideal for laboratories with limited space to house large incubators, or for standard cell culture applications where the larger 170-liter capacity systems are not required.

  • Small footprint with mid-sized, 48 liter -1.7 cu. ft capacity.
  • User-friendly LED interface / display.
  • Seamless chamber.
  • Fanless design.
  • 25mm access port.
  • Integrated viewing window.
  • RS-232 Communications package.

Galaxy 48 S Options (click here for details)

  • BMS management system relays.
  • Two split inner glass doors.
  • Perforated shelving to facilitate faster recovery after door opening.

Galaxy 14S CO2 IncubatorGalaxy 14 S Incubators

Galaxy 14 S incubators are a unique, mini-sized 14 Liter (0.5 cu. ft.) size — originally designed for but not limited to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) work. Its compact size is ideal for individually supporting and isolating cultures for specific patients or samples. It is ideal for stem cell and IVF applications, including oocyte collection and preparation, pre-implantation diagnostics, embryo transfers, and sperm preparation. When adding the 1 - 19% oxygen control option, the 14 S becomes a small hypoxic incubator, consuming a minimal amount of nitrogen.

  • 14 Liter (0.5 cu. ft.) benchtop unit with exceptionally small footprint.
  • User-friendly LED interface / display.
  • Size allows for isolation from general cell culture, ensuring assy validity.
  • Compact size allows incorporation in IVF workstations and laminar hoods.
  • Seamless, fanless chamber design.
  • RS-232 and 25mm access port standard.
  • Low gas consumption.
  • External CO2 supply line HEPA filtration.

Galaxy 14 S Options (click here for details)

  • 1 - 19% O2 control.
  • Single inner glass door.
  • Perforated shelving to facilitate faster recovery after door opening.
  • BMS alarm relay contacts.
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For further information, view our video, download the brochure from the PDF list at left, or click here to Request Information. (Or for incubators with advanced controller and added options, see our Galaxy R Series models.)

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