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The Contherm 'Biocell' Series of Laboratory Culture Incubators, in contrast to other brands, offers accurate and reliable performance down to ambient temperatures with the 'Thermoguard' fan management system. Enhanced humidity levels are achieved by means of the unique fan, the scroll design of which is an integral part of the dynamically balanced true  one-pass air circulation system. Use at elevated ambient temperatures is practicable and achievable due to the energy input of the fan being proportionately reduced under those conditions. With an easy-to-set and read digital LED display, these units now offer the versatility to operate at temperatures up to 100°C with a set-point accuracy of 0.1ºC. For sample protection, hi-limit controls are fitted. Featuring the Contherm ZP21 microprocessor-based controller/programmer, offering programmable as well as steady-state operation, the system is EEROM equipped to save set-points during power failures. The inner door of toughened glass with purpose-designed compression seals and hinge system allows excellent visual monitoring of samples without disturbing the chamber environment, even at maximum temperatures. In addition, outer doors are fitted with soft-closing magnetic seals to ensure jar-free culture growth. All models feature an attractive corrosion-resistant finish on steel exteriors, with stainless steel interiors and shelves to assure a long service life. A range of eight attractive and dependable models is available, to satisfy the diverse needs of laboratory technologists. The Biocell Series incubators are manufactured in a quality production environment, and built to AS/NZS3350 Electrical Safety Standards.

Brief Specifications-

For complete details of dimensions, options available etc., please contact Us.

Specs - Standard Incubators [pdf]

Operating Temperature

Ambient+2°C to 100°C

Operating Ambient

10°C to 35°C

Temporal Variation

±0.2°C (Model 1800 ±0.3°C)

Spatial Variation

±0.6°C (Model 1800 ±1.5°C)




Microprocessor Digital Series


1 minute to 99hrs59mins

Power Requirements

230 - 240Vac 50Hz 10A grounded supply



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