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Environmental Chamber
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Environmental Chamber

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

As the global marketplace imposes many quality control standards on technical products, the ability to routinely achieve  internationally compliant testing procedures is of the utmost importance. The Contherm Series 5000 Environmental Chambers provide that environment, and assist with the attainment of product conformity to global (including military)  standards in an international market.

With separate displays for each parameter and an easy-touse digital control panel, Contherm’s proven PLCS5 Control System offers self-diagnostic alarm displays and automatic high/low limit protection. Nine on-board user-configurable programs are provided, and to save set-points during power failures, the system is EEROM backed for convenience and reliability. There is also an optional product disconnection feature which will switch a socket outlet/powerbox at the completion of the test cycle or in the event of thermal runaway. Temperature control between -10º C to +100ºC can be attained with all models, and in the RHS models, humidity control is achieved with a highly effective humidity generator incorporating the latest sensor technology, delivering RH control down to ±2%. An efficient fan-driven vertical air system assures even circulation and diffusion of conditioned air through samples. The Contherm Series 5000 Environmental Chambers feature an attractive, corrosion-resistant finish on steel exteriors, with rounded corners to enhance user-friendliness and safety. 75mm of specialised insulation surrounds the polished

stainless steel interior and door, which is fitted with a “dooropen” sensor. Adjustable stainless steel shelves are also included. A heated inner door of toughened glass with purpose-designed compression seals and hinge system allows excellent visual monitoring of product without disturbing the chamber environment, even at maximum temperatures. In addition, the outer door is fitted with softclosing magnetic seals to ensure jar-free closure. A 50mm cable port is fitted as standard equipment in all models.

The Contherm 5000 Series Environmental Chambers offer the research professional maximum performance and reliability, assuring consistent and repeatable results. For enhanced flexibility, Option Q is recommended. Manufactured in a quality production environment, these units are designed to NZS6200 and AS3100 electrical standards.

Typical Specifications









1445 x 890 x 860

1445 x 890 x 870

2045 x 890 x 860

2045 x 890 x 870


(H x W x D)Internal

625 x 640 x 540

625 x 640 x 540

1225 x 640 x 540

1225 x 640 x 540



200 litre

400 litre



3 perforated stainless steel shelves

6 perforated stainless steel shelves



Inner and Outer. (Inner glass door heated)

Control System

Microprocessor-based digital 9 programmable steps; max. 99hrs. 59min. timer;


max. 999 cycles; 2-line alphanumeric display, RS232C Comm. port.

Refrigeration System

Hermetically sealed, auto defrost, tropical condenser, CFC free.

Refrigeration Control

Hot Gas Modulation. Fully protected.Contherm Management Firmware.


Stainless steel tubular heater. Hot gassing of refrigeration unit.

Air Circulation

Vertical Air System throughout chamber

Temperature: Range

-10°C to +100°C in 0.1°C steps





Pull-down rate


within 60 mins.

+70°C to 0°C

Heating rate


in 45 mins.

-10°C to +70°C

Automatic/Manual Safety

Automatic 2.0°C above and below set point.User-adjustable high limit.Earth leakage circuit-breaker.




35%RH to 98%RH


35%RH to 98%RH




(see graph)


(see graph)


Temp. range for






RH control


5°C to70°C


5°C to 70°C

Power requirements

230-240VAC 50Hz,

230-240VAC 50Hz,

230-240VAC 50Hz,

230-240VAC 50Hz,









Packed Weight




Dehumidifier-Option HP; Rapid cooling CO2 Injection system-Option M;

(popular items are listed

Comms. program-Option Q; Additional shelves and guides-Option SG;

-full list available on enquiry)

Castors-Option X; Additional cable port-Option Z.





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