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Offering the laboratory professional programmable precision performance, the Contherm Thermotec 2000 Series Ovens achieve consistent temperature control over the range of ambient +5ºC to 260ºC nominal. Operation to 300ºC is possible within a programme but if continuous use at these temperatures is envisaged, the HD Variants are recommended. The UD Variants offer safe drying of watersaturated material such as aggregates or herbage. In these models, spillage containment is achieved by the specially configured interior well during the evaporative process. Rapid and continuous drying is achieved by the introduction of warm, dry air. These economically-priced units have been designed to provide a quality production drying/ curing and sterilising capability. All models feature an attractive corrosion resistant finish on steel exteriors with rounded corners to enhance user-friendliness and safety. 50mm of specialised insulation surrounds the stainless steel interiors and doors. Positionable perforated stainless steel shelves are also included. True one-pass air circulation and heating is provided by fan and finned element combinations, controlled by the proven Contherm ZP21 microprocessor- based system. With an easy-to-set and read LED display, the system offers programmable and steady-state operation. In addition, the microprocessor is EEROM backed to retain setpoints during power failures. Triple-glazed viewing windows in doors are an attractive option, with interior illumination allowing the visual monitoring of contents without interruption of the chamber environment. The compression door catch and hinge system ensures leak-proof sealing and cabinet compliance with set points and safety standards even at maximum temperatures. The Contherm Thermotec 2000 Series Ovens provide the user with maximum performance and reliability, assuring consistent and repeatable results. Manufactured in a quality production environment, these units are built to AS/NZS3350 standards.


Operating Temperature

Ambient+5°C to 260°C




Microprocessor ZP21 Series


1 minute to 99hrs59mins or

Spatial Variation

(Models2800 and 2900 ±3.5°C)  unloaded at 105°C

Temporal Variation

(Models 2800 and 2900 ±0.5°C) unloaded at 105°C

Power Supply Requirements

240Vac 50Hz 10A grounded supply

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