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With attractive and modern design, the Contherm Designer Series Ovens offer educational and industrial users costeffectiveness while maintaining a quality drying, curing and sterilising capability, and featuring:

• Turbo-fan air circulation

• Digital control, LED readout plus timer

• Over-temperature safety control

An efficient fan-driven toroidal air and heating system assures even circulation and is controlled by the proven Contherm ZP21 microprocessorbased system. With an easy-to-set and read LED display, the system offers precision steady-state operation,with audible and visual alarms for over and under  temperature, plus a selectable 100 hour timer.

In addition, the system is EEROM backed to retain the calibration factor and set-points for audit purposes after power failures.

The compression door catch and hinge system ensures leak-proof sealing for low thermal and fume loss, with an integral switch to interrupt fan and heating when door is opened.

All models feature an attractive corrosion-resistant finish on steel exteriors, with 50mm of specialized insulation surrounding the polished stainless steel interiors and doors. All controls and active components are in the door which can be removed as a unit for service should this be necessary. Perforated anti-tilt stainless steel shelves, adjustable at 40mm increments are also included.

The Contherm Thermotec Designer Series Ovens offer the laboratory professional maximum performance and reliability in an attractive and economical package. Manufactured in a quality production environment, these units are designed to AS/NZS3350 and IEC335 electrical standards, and carry the CE Mark.







550 x 550 x 520

790 x 550 x 520

860 x 550 x 660

(H x W x D) Internal

420 x 400 x 360

660 x 400 x 360

710 x 400 x 500


50 litre

100 litre

150 litre


1 perforated stainless steel

1 perforated stainless steel

2 perforated stainless steel





Packed Weight




Packed Dimensions

700 x 620 x 620

950 x 620 x 620

1000 x 690 x 720

Timer Range

1 minute to 99h 59m or continuous

Temperature Range

Ambient +5°C to 260°C continuous

Temporal Variation

±0.2°C (unloaded at 105°C)

Spatial Variation

±2.5°C (unloaded at 105°C)

Control System

ZP21 microprocessor-based digital system

Automatic/ Manual Safety

2.0°C above and below set point.User-adjustable high limit. Safety fuse.

Power Requirements

230Vac 50Hz 650W

230Vac 50Hz 850W

230Vac 50Hz 1050W




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