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Microflow OMNI PCR Workstation
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Microflow OMNI PCR Workstation

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

Model: OMNI PCR work station
Manufacturer: Bioquell- UK
Designed and tested in conjuntion with experienced laboratory personel, this cabinet is the ultimate  in PCR workstation design and meets the exacting need of PCR and DNA specific applications
Constructed with an epoxy coated mild steel frame and head unit, the cabinet is glazed to the sides and front in polycarbonate with a front sliding door for access.
The complete front hinges open to allow installation of equipment and for maitenance.
The unit has a stainless steel work surface, decontamination shelf and pipette holder.
A centrifugal fan together with the main and exhaust HEPA filter which have 99.999% efficiency to 0.3 m particals. The air passes through the HEPA filter giving a clean airflow over the work surface. Air is also drawn in through the front of the unit at > 04.m/s giving operator protection. The unit meets the clean air requirement to ISO 14644-1 1999 Class 6
The unit has integral lights for normal operation and two UV lights with adjustable timer for decontamination of the samples and work area.
The control system allows the choice of various UV timed sequences, wich are interlocked with the front sliding door, and fan mechanism.
Safety interlock UV activated when door closed
Overall size: 620mm wide x 500 mm deep x 895 mm high
Working area: 600mm wide x 380 mm deep x 757 mm high
Electrical supply: 230V/50Hz

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