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Bộ cất đạm Kjeltec™ 2100
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Bộ cất đạm Kjeltec™ 2100

( Công ty TNHH Công nghệ ATP Việt Nam )

Simple to use distillation unit for analysis of Kjeldahl nitrogen/protein, ammoniumnitrogen, TKN, Direct distillation (DD), volatile acids/bases etc. (Also shown in picture;
Tecator™ Digestor 20 Auto Lift and the Scrubber)

Features & Benefits:
Automatic distillation procedure; incl. alkali addition and distillation. Provides ease of use.
Official and accurate procedures (AOAC, EPA, DIN, ISO etc) simplify validation.
Bellow pumps for dispensing of reagents provides accuracy.
Built-in safety systems for user protection.
Steam Addition for Equilibration* (SAfE) feature for safe distilling of tubes with acid/salt cake
Alkali resistant plastic splash head for long lifetime.

The Kjeltec™ 2100 Distillation Unit provides a simple and reliable solution for safe and semiautomatic distillation.
The possibility to pre-program alkali addition and distillation time supports the production of accurate results independent of operator. Accurate bellows pumps give long term stability in reagent delivery.
The Kjeltec 2100 Distillation Unit is safe to use. The unit is equipped with sensors for safety door and level/overpressure sensors for the steam generator. The door completely covers the area in front
of the operator and the unit can not be operated with the door open. The SAfE* (Steam Addition for Equilibration) technology improves safety by a mixing procedure, reducing the exothermic reaction between alkali and acid during distillation. The drip tray can be easily removed for cleaning. Running costs are low through optimized applications. Downtime and service costs are minimized using selected components. A routine maintenance schedule supports GLP routines.
* Patented

Performance data at 230 V:
Distillation time: 4 min at 30 mg N
   (7 min at 200 mg N)
Distillation capacity: ~ 30 ml/min
Measuring range: 0,1 - 200 mg N
Reproducibility: 1% RSD (including the digestion
Recovery:   > 99,5 % at nitrogen levels between
1 - 200 mg N
Reagent pump
volumes:   0 - 150 ml in steps of 10 ml
Delay:   12 s
SAfE Patented: 2 s

Installation requirements:
Power supply: 200-240 V 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 1 900 W
Water consumption: 2 l/min at water temp of 30ºC
(During distillation  1 l/min at water temp of 15ºC
Ambient temperature: max. 40ºC
Ambient humidity: max. 80 % relative
Weight net: 25 kg
Dimensions: L × D × H = 30 × 36 × 80 cm
Drain:   For cooling water only